The brand Calypso begins its history from 2009 and, during years of successful activity, it got many loyal customers in Europe.

In 2018 we rebranded our name, and now you can know us as CLY – it’s an abbreviation for the phrase “Calypso loves you”.

We can never repeat to often how important is customer opinion for us and how much we care about stable and long-terms relations with our business partners. We respond on any change of market situation on time and we are always ready for an open dialogue.

The building of mutually beneficial cooperation is our priority under any circumstances, decisions should be agreeable to both sides.

We love what we do and that's the way to see our business succeed.


The quality. We sell the footwear of only high quality, only what’s our kids and we want to wear personally.

The reasonable prices. We did a great job with manufacturers to find the perfect combination of prices and materials.

The comfort. Our footwear is designed for lovers of comfort. On the beach, outdoors, in the office – no matter where, our only wish is to make you feel comfortable in Calypso footwear.

The style. Nice look, exclusive models, annual renewal of range – you can always find shoes that satisfy your expectations.

The reliability. We stand for honest dealing and do not compromise ethical values.

Participation in trade shows

The brand Calypso participates

in many international trade shows.

Since 2017 we have been presenting

our collections at the most famous

footwear exhibition of the world –

the MICAM in Milan, Italy.

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